LG Hausys Prime Mats

The LG Hausys Prime Mat is similar to the Parklon Soft Mat, but it is even more durable and features a special coating that results in brighter colors. All LG Hausys Prime Mats feature a double-sided design. 

LG Hausys "The Prime" Mats

The LG Hausys The Prime Mats are part of Parklon's new Pure line. Pure Mats have been tested and proved to meet our most stringent safety criteria. They are also more durable and feature improved water-resistance and anti-fading properties. 


The LG Hausys Prime Asobang Mat is a line of extra thick and firm play mats featuring simple and child-friendly designs. This mat is recommended for those who prefer a firmer mat. All Asobang Mats feature a double-sided design.